Warranty Information


Universal Fencing provides you with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that your new fence is the best quality fence available.  Universal Fencing is committed to working with clients to solve any issues regarding our product.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

In addition to governing statutes, Universal Fencing warrants for a period of 3 years that the STRUCTURE of their manufactured fences, gates and panel products sold to its customers will be free from manufacturing defects.
The warranty is given subject to the following limitations:
Please note:
  • Does not apply if fencing is used within 1,500 meters of a marine location.
  • The warranty applies only if the maintenance procedures outlined on the Universal Fencing website is adhered to. Proof of purchase will be required prior to admission of any warranty claim.
  • Use of heavy cleaners, such as brick acids, will void the warranty.
  • Universal Fencing may repair or replace defective products at its absolute discretion.
  • Powder-coated decorative finishes enhance the appearance of your fence and are not covered by this warranty as their quality depends on numerous factors outside the control of Universal Fencing.
  • This warranty only applies to products installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.  
  • This warranty does not cover the work or handling of any other person or business.
  • Universal Fencing accepts no responsibility for a fence meeting pool regulations unless it is stipulated to be a pool fence at time of order.

In the event of a warranty enquiry, contact the place of purchase or Universal Fencing.