Slat & Picket Fences

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Slats or pickets complete the look of any home, providing both a design feature and a measure of privacy.

With the right design and careful construction, steel picket fencing or slats can be more than just a fence – they can be a real design feature that complements the rest of the front yard and garden.

Slats are modern and suit all new houses. They provide screening, privacy and security, and depending on the design, a feature wall or screen can be created. Slats look particularly striking as privacy screens around private garden areas, as screens for multi-residential buildings, and to cordon off areas such as access gates and bin yards. At Universal Manufacturing, we have created some stunning slat fencing for Melbourne developments – browse the gallery for some examples.

Pickets are perfect for maintaining the heritage look. Picket fencing has been popular since for hundreds of years, and can be found around traditional cottages, homesteads and weatherboard houses around the world. The strength of steel makes our picket fences durable and strong; unlike old fashioned wooden pickets, they’re designed to last and look great for several decades to come. Pickets come in two sizes (75mm x 16mm and 50mm x 10mm) with a variety of decorative picket heads.

Colour is no barrier, as our in-house powder coating line provides an endless list of Dulux colours. With market leading pre-treatment, our fences have the best possible corrosion resistance. Read more about our powdercoating capabilities and get in touch to discuss your fencing requirements today.

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