Occupational Health & Safety


OH&S Policy

Universal Fencing is a quality focussed professional company specialising in fencing, manufacturing and powdercoating.

Our aim is to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all our employees and others that are exposed to our organisation and its activities. To accomplish this, we are committed to working with, employees, customers, contractors and visitors to develop, support and encourage behaviours that safeguard all parties from accidents and occupational illness.

To support our policy we are committed to the following set of beliefs and activities:

  • To comply with relevant OHS Legislation, and with other requirements placed upon the organisations or to which the organisation subscribes.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • All incidents and injuries are preventable.
  • No business activity can come before safety and health.
  • Training and resources shall be provided for all our employees to enable a better understanding of their responsibilities in identifying, understanding and controlling risks.
  • Measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination of work related injury and illness shall be established.
  • The active and effective involvement of employees in achieving our aims and objectives is sought and encouraged through active consultation in health and safety issues.

We shall monitor and report our progress against these stated aims and provide feedback to all interested parties on our performance to encourage continuous improvement towards our objective of best practice in health and safety.

Aaron Cassidy
Managing Director