Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

Universal Fencing is a quality focused professional company specialising in fencing, manufacturing and powdercoating.

Universal is committed to conducting its business in ways that protect and, where possible, enhance the environment. This commitment extends to our relationships with our employees, customers, contractors, regulatory authorities and the community.

As a minimum standard we will comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements designed to prevent pollution and preserve environmental conditions. Where practical, we will go beyond regulatory compliance and strive to achieve best environmental practice in all that we do, including areas not subject to regulation.

We will develop, implement and continually improve work practices that enable us to identify, assess and control risks, set achievable targets and ensure we have the necessary skills and technology available to meet or exceed the expectations of the community. The systems developed will be appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products and services.

To ensure compliance with this policy, we will monitor our environmental performance and act expeditiously on matters requiring action. We will report on our performance and ensure that any incidents are given the highest level of attention.

Aaron Cassidy
Managing Director