Our Company



Universal Fencing is a value focused professional company specialising in fencing, manufacturing and powdercoating.


Our mission is to provide exceptional value to all projects delivered in our fencing, manufacturing or powder coating divisions. We will excel as a business in;

  • People; be a great place to work where people enjoy working in a safety conscious and improvement encouraged environment.
  • Environment; where possible we will innovate and encourage suppliers and customers to preserve the environment
  • Community; establish ourselves to support the community in ways to foster the development of our region and its people.
  • Productivity; be a highly effective and lean organisation focussed on continuous improvement.


Our values determine how we act in any given circumstance;

  • Relationships; we will work with people to achieve a common goal. Whether it is potential customers, suppliers or employees – no problem is too large to overcome when working together.
  • Proactive; never sit back wondering. Try new methods or products and develop new ideas. There is always a better way to do things.
  • Quality; there is no substitute.
  • Accountability; being responsible for our actions will mean we care about the outcome.
  • Integrity; always act in a manner that is reflective of our business – professional, caring and focused.