Fencing Care and Maintenance


It is important to clean and maintain the coating on your fence, just as you would for your car. Exposure to ultra violet light, pollution, dirt and salt deposits can effect the long term performance of the coating if not removed with regular washing.

This is especially true where the surface is in a protected area that doesn't benefit from the natural cleansing properties of rain.

Cleaning Method

A gentle clean with a soft brush, warm water and mild detergent followed by a fresh water rinse will maintain the powder coated finish. In rural or normal urban environments cleaning should occur every six months. In areas of high pollution, such as industrial areas, geothermal areas or coastal environments, cleaning should occur every two months. In particularly hazardous locations, such as beach fronts, severe marine environments or areas of high industrial pollution, cleaning should take place monthly.

Cleaning Products

To protect the surface of your powder coated Universal Fence do not use strong solvents, strong or abrasive cleaning agents, acidic or alkaline cleaning products or fluids that may be recommended for thinning various types of paints. We recommend that prior to the use of any cleaning agent, a small non-visible area of your fence be tested to ensure that no visible colour change or damage will occur, particularly with bright and deep colours. The use of any cleaning agent should be carried out in the shade and during cooler temperatures using a soft cloth and gentle wiping only.

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